Home Lifting and Leveling in IndianaThere are plenty different foundation problems that can occur in your Marion or Fort Wayne, Indiana home. One of these such problems is foundation settlement or sinking. If the foundation of your home starts to sink or settle, it will cause the entire home to become unstable and uneven. This is a serious problem that should be taken care of as soon as possible by professional home lifting and leveling contractors such as those at PFS Basement & Foundation Repair.

How do you know if your foundation is settling or sinking? Sometimes, settlement is obvious, and you will be able to tell by just looking at the foundation of your home. Other times, however, foundation settlement is not as severe, making it harder to detect. Examine the inside and outside of your home to find symptoms of a sinking foundation. If your foundation is settling, you may see sloped or uneven floors in your home. You might also notice cracks in the basement walls or floor, in the drywall in your home, or in the foundation outside. These are formed when the foundation settles unevenly and the inconsistent pressure on the foundation causes cracks to form in the concrete. Other signs of settlement include sticking doors and windows, a leaning chimney, porch and patio or stair and stoop problems, and ceiling cracks.

Fortunately, we use quality piering and underpinning products to fix the foundation problems in your home. No matter how bad your foundation settlement is, we have the solutions that you need to lift and level your home and floor in no time.

Solutions for Home Leveling & Lifting in Indiana

Home Leveling and Lifting in IndianaBy using steel piering products from the leading manufacturer, ECP (Earth Contact Products), we can ensure that your home is lifted and remains level for years to come. We use a few different types of piers to level and lift your sinking home. The different piers and their individual advantages of each include:

  • Steel Push Piers: These piers have a two-step installation procedure that involves driving the piers beneath the surface of the ground until they reach a load bearing soil level. Once they are there, the hydraulic manifold system is activated, lifting the pier and the foundation above to the original level. These piers are an incredibly durable and reliable option.
  • Helical Piers: Unlike steel piers, these piers resemble large screws. They are screwed into the ground and then used to support the load of the foundation and the home above. The advantage of these piers is that they require little disturbance and installation time.
  • Slab Piers: This kind of underpinning device is a slim steel push pier that uses the weight of the slab as resistance when driving down into the soil until it reaches a more stable layer. Slab piers do not require skin friction and can be used for slabs of four or more inch thicknesses.
  • New Construction Piers: While these steel piers are not used to lift and level existing homes, they can be installed under new homes to keep them from settling in the first place.

These piers are some of the options that we use to lift and level your home, reverse uneven floors, and keep further settlement from becoming an issue. If you are dealing with a foundation settlement or sinking problem in your Marion or Fort Wayne, Indiana home, contact the lifting and leveling experts at PFS Basement & Foundation Repair right away.