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A French drain system is a proven solution for removing excess water from around a foundation. French drainsFrench Drain Indiana have evolved into a more specialized system with drain tiles that have perforations or hole to allow water to flow through. Gravel is placed around the drain tiles to made sure the water has a path to flow through. Once they are installed, they can be covered by sod. The experts at PFS Basement & Foundation Repair can install a French drain system around your Marion, IN home to keep water away from entering your basement.

French Drain Solutions in Fort Wayne & Marion, IN

One of the methods for a French drain is a rigid pipe design. This uses a simple, rigid, perforated pipe that is covered by clean gravel. It is then covered with geo-textile fabric. This method will keep the moisture away from your home and not allow water to enter your basement.

Another method is the ECP EZ Flow Poly Drain System. It can be used on interior and exterior foundation drainage, landscape drainage, retaining walls, crawlspaces and many other applications. The advantages of the EZ Flow System are:

  • It is lightweight and environmentally friendly
  • This system is gravel free
  • There is up to a 50% labor savings with this gravel-free system
  • There is a 35% increase in water flow
  • It is made with 100% recycled materials
  • No gravel cleanup

This method is engineered with flow channels and the void space is increased allowing increased water flow.

The French drain systems that is installed by PFS Basement & Foundation Repair are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leader in the manufacturing of basement waterproofing and foundation repair products in the industry. PFS will inspect your home and give you the best method of French drain solutions. Contact us today. We serve the Marion, IN area including Fort Wayne, and Wabash, IN.