PFS Basement & Foundation Repair concrete replacement in Marion
concrete replacement in Fort Wayne


The soil in Indiana is expansive soil which means that it shrinks when dry and expands when wet. This constant shifting of the soil can cause the concrete in the Marion, IN area to become uneven. The experts at PFS Basement & Foundation Repair can fix your uneven concrete or also have the expertise to pour you new concrete for any project you need.

Some of the most common areas in need of concrete replacement services by PFS Basement & Foundation Repair are:

  • Concrete replacement in Marion, Fort Wayn, IN by PFSSidewalks
  • Steps
  • Driveways
  • Pool slabs
  • Patios
  • Slab homes
  • Garage floors
  • Retaining walls

If you have uneven or cracked concrete around your home in Marion, Fort Wayne, IN or the surrounding area, let the professionals at PFS Basement & Foundation Repair come and inspect the concrete and determine if you are in need of repair or replacement of the concrete. We have the solutions to get the concrete repaired or replaced with as little disruption as possible.

Concrete Solutions in Fort Wayne & Marion, IN & the Surrounding Area

Concrete Repair Fort Wayne, INPFS Basement & Foundation Repair can repair cracked concrete and also pour concrete for new projects. Most people don't realize how having a professional pour your concrete can actually be a savings to you. There are many benefits to professional concrete pouring. We will make sure that the concrete is prepared and sent to each job site based on the exact need or demand for that particular site. You won't get more or less than you need. Also, it will be the right strength and volume.

Timing is very important for concrete pouring. Our team will get the concrete to you on time so that is ready just when we need it. Our contractors can specify the mix needed for your specific project. We want to ensure that it meets all the requirements for your needs. We can handle the concrete in a quick manner to make sure it sets properly. We also can make sure that the finish is just right when it comes to look and texture for your application. We have the right mixing trucks, chutes, rakes, and leveling tools to make your concrete look perfect and perform well.

PFS Basement & Foundation Repair has served the Marion and Fort Wayne, IN area for many years. We are a locally owned and operated business that takes pride in the outstanding reputation we have established. When you use a locally owned business you are getting the personal service that you deserve. Our customers come first. We will get your concrete replaced quickly using the best materials in the industry. We will answer any of your questions or concerns. Call us for a free quote today if you are in Marion, IN or the surrounding area.