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Concrete Leveling with PolyLevel®

Do you have cracked concrete steps or an uneven sidewalk? Don't let your sunken concrete become a trip hazard or an eyesore! At PFS Basement & Foundation Repair, we can stabilize and level uneven concrete surfaces back to new, using PolyLevel®.

polylevel concrete leveling application MarionSinking concrete is common in Indiana and is often the result of soil erosion or a weak soil base. Here are a few culprits that could affect your outdoor concrete:

  • Poorly compacted soil underneath the slab
  • Excess moisture and rapid temperature changes
  • The concrete pavement has been moved up by tree roots
  • Water that washes away the soil underneath the slab

PolyLevel®: The Concrete Lifting Process

PolyLevel® is a 4-step concrete raising process that is safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Step 1: A series of 5/8" holes are drilled into the slab.
  • Step 2: The structural grade polymer is pumped under the slab.
  • Step 3: The void is filled, and the slab is raised and leveled back to its desired height.
  • Step 4: The drilled holes are patched with concrete, and the concrete slab is ready. Once the material is cured, it won't wash away.

PolyLevel® can be used to level everything from concrete sidewalks and walkways to patios, airport runways, residential slabs, roadways, and more!

Why Choose PolyLevel® Over Mudjacking for Concrete Leveling in Indiana?

The installation process of PolyLevel® and mudjacking are quite similar, however, one is more effective than the other. Mudjacking has been used for years to lift and level concrete stairs, sidewalks, and more. But unfortunately, this kind of concrete repair method is only temporary. Due to the thickness of the material, it burdens the underlying soils; therefore, the soil below is likely to continue settling over time.

With PolyLevel®, fewer and smaller holes are drilled in the concrete compared to mudjacking. This gives the concrete a much cleaner look. PolyLevel® can also be used to lift and level residential and commercial applications due to its waterproofing properties.

Don't spend money on concrete replacement or be complacent with uneven concrete slabs. At PFS Basement & Foundation Repair, we use the right tools to lift and repair sunken concrete in the Marion, IN area. Contact us today if you need professional concrete leveling service.

Before and After Photos

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