PolyLevel®: A Concrete Leveling and Lifting Solution

Posted By: wtiaccess on 13th September 2016 Category: Concrete Replacement

Is your concrete slab sinking or settling? Whether you have a sinking slab in your garage, basement, or sidewalk, a cracked slab creates an uneven surface that can be a tripping hazard. Not to mention, cracks make your property look ugly! It is also an indication that your home may have foundation problems due to […]

Severe Summer Weather Damages Foundations

Posted By: wtiaccess on 13th September 2016 Category: Foundation Repair

How does severe weather affect foundations during summer months? Most foundation issues are caused by fluctuating moisture conditions of clay soils around your home. Clay soil tends to swell and expand when exposed to moisture, and contracts when it dries. Too much water can put stress on foundation walls and beneath the foundation. This pressure […]

What Causes Sloping Floors in Indiana? If your home has sloping floors, you should be concerned. Sloping floors are the main indicator that you either have foundation failure; or uneven settling of the support columns underneath the floor system. Unfortunately, there are several causes. The most common include: Improperly compacted fill material that is used […]

Uneven Floors: Your Repair Options in Indiana

Posted By: wtiaccess on 12th March 2016 Category: Foundation Repair

Uneven Floors in Marion, IN Have you noticed uneven floors in your Indiana home? Unfortunately, this issue is common and is usually the result of a failing foundation. Slightly uneven floors may not seem like a big deal, but foundation problems WILL get extremely serious over time. It is important to contact a professional as […]

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