Frost Heave and Your Foundation

Posted By: wtiaccess on 30th January 2018 Category: Concrete Replacement, Foundation Repair

frost heave and foundation damageWinter is here and the problems associated with cold temperatures go beyond heating costs for your home. When freezing temperatures hit, have you noticed areas of your property raising and lowering depending on the temperature? A growing danger could be developing underground that threatens your home’s foundation and walls. This could be frost heave, a natural-occurring condition where underground moisture can freeze — shifting the surrounding soil.

That shifting soil can do serious damage to your home’s foundation, resulting in costly foundation repairs. Frost heave is the upward swelling of soil during freezing conditions. It is usually caused by ice as it grows under the surface. At times, the frozen soil can shift upwards of two inches. If not properly protected, this can cause multiple issues to your home’s foundation.

Inspect Your Foundation

When’s the last time you’ve inspected your home’s foundation? Have you seen any cracks in your exterior walls? Have those cracks also appeared inside your home along interior walls? Do you have a concrete floor in your basement with noticeable cracks or a shifting slab? Your home’s foundation could be experiencing frost heave. When the soil around your foundation experiences freezing, the pressure needs to go somewhere. Unfortunately, that pressure is often applied to your foundation. Mother Nature usually wins when it comes to a battle with man-built structures.

At PFS Basement and Foundation Repair, we’re the experts in frost heave foundation repair and can head off any issues before they become too serious. PFS Basement and Foundation Repair specializes in foundation repair, basement water management, and concrete replacement. Contact us now to schedule an appointment to inspect and repair your foundation due to frost heave. We’ll also ensure your home’s foundation is protected from future instances frost heave.

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