Checkup on Surface Drainage Issues

Posted By: wtiaccess on 15th August 2017 Category: Water Management


French drain, surface drainage, exterior water systemsSurface drainage issues often show up during spring and summer when Indiana homes have lots of rainfall. You may have noticed excess water standing in the yard, standing water on sidewalks or patios, or water in your basement after a heavy rain. Even if the problems aren’t occurring during the fall and winter months, you can be certain the problems will be back next spring. Putting off yard drainage issues can be costly in the long run because water will eventually cause serious damage to your basement or foundation.


surface drainage repairs, French drains, channel drainsDepending on the location of the water problem, there are several different kinds of solutions for surface drainage problems. The following article explains each.

Catch basins and grates

Catch basins and grates are designed as a collection point for water runoff. The catch basins have grates to filter out leaves, sticks, and debris that could clog the drain pipes. They may be located at the ends of downspouts or lower areas of the yard where water tends to accumulate.

Trench and channel drains

Channel drains eliminate the need for grading a concrete surface toward a low area. Instead, the entire slab is sloped in one direction, and the channel drain is placed at the very edge of the slope. While a grate provides a limited surface for drainage, a channel drain covers a much larger surface area for drainage. deck surface to a low area. Instead, the deck is sloped in one direction and the channel drain acts as a perimeter drain at the edge of the slope. The channel drain provides more overall open surface area than conventional area grates.

Conventional drains

Conventional drains are placed in trenches along the outside perimeter of the house or anywhere water tends to accumulate. Their purpose is to direct water away from the foundation. Usually, they are lined with rock and contain a pipe with holes to collect water from the soil and run it off to another part of the yard. Sometimes sump pumps are installed to pump the excess water away quickly.  In areas where there a roots from trees or bushes, the pipe is solid to prevent roots from growing into the pipe and blocking the flow of water.

Water discharge emitters

Pop-up emitters are designed to rise above the soil whenever there is excess water present. They indicate when a downspout or sump pump should discharge water away from the foundation. This prevent the buildup of hydrostatic (water) pressure in the soil next to the foundation. Pup-up emitters retract for mowing, are simply to maintain, and last for many years.

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