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Frost Heave and Your Foundation

Posted By: wtiaccess on 30th January 2018 Category: Concrete Replacement, Foundation Repair

Winter is here and the problems associated with cold temperatures go beyond heating costs for your home. When freezing temperatures hit, have you noticed areas of your property raising and lowering depending on the temperature? A growing danger could be developing underground that threatens your home’s foundation and walls. This could be frost heave, a […]

Our home state of Indiana is known for its heavy rains, hot summers, and harsh winters. Due to the extreme changes in weather here in the Midwest, many Indiana homes have problems with excess water in the basement. Following are some of the most common basement water problems and how a basement waterproofing professional can […]

Having Problems with Your Indiana Patio?

Posted By: wtiaccess on 21st April 2017 Category: Concrete Replacement, Foundation Repair

Now that warm weather has arrived, families in Indiana are spending more time outdoors on their decks and patios. Over time, most patios, whether concrete, stone, or brick, deteriorate to the point where they become unattractive or present a tripping or slipping hazard. Spring is the best time to do patio repair so you can […]

If you are like many homeowners in Indiana, you may have a damp crawlspace that you have ignored. Most homeowners have no idea that crawlspaces are a common source of moisture and humidity in the home that can lead to a number of issues. premier Foundation Solutions (PFS) is a leading provider of services to […]

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