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Basement wall and foundation replacment in Marion INIdentifying the early warning signs of foundation failure can prevent future problems and costly repairs. The sooner foundation issues are repaired, the less expensive they are to fix. Basement settling issues, such as crumbling or deteriorating basement walls, leave homeowners asking whether they should replace or repair their foundation. At PFS, we have a crew of foundation repair experts that have inspected and fixed many homes with foundation issues, so we can help you decide the best, permanent solution for your needs.

What causes foundation problems? Foundation settlement causes homes to move or shift due to soil-related issues such as:

  • Soil shrinkage
  • Compacting and swelling
  • Soil erosion
  • Saturation and softening
  • Soil expansion

Since most homes are built on clay soil, the soil absorbs moisture and expands which affects the overall stability of your foundation. This creates pressure against the foundation walls, causing them to bow and buckle over time. Homes with settling problems won't get better over time. As they continue to experience inconsistent wet and dry conditions, the damage becomes worse.

When should you get foundation wall replacement? For homes that have extensive foundation damage, sometimes basement wall and foundation replacement are the best solutions. We offer basement wall and foundation replacement for homes with the following issues:

  • Older homes built with stone and limestone mortar
  • Older homes with clay foundation walls
  • Homes with a overall weak structure
  • Extreme cases where foundations can't be repaired
  • Older homes built too low and have water issues
  • Homes that have damage from water leaks, flooding and deteriorating foundations
  • Seriously cracked, crumbling or shifting foundations
  • Converting a crawlspace or basement into a comfortable living area
  • Homes without a concrete or steel foundation
  • Poor material used in the existing foundation that have eroded

Basement Wall & Foundation Replacement Solutions in Marion & Ft. Wayne, IN

Without structural support, foundations may crumble leaving the home with lack of support. We recommend demolishing the old foundation or basement wall and creating a solid, new foundation. To expose the foundation, we use heavy equipment to remove landscaping and soil around your home. This includes steps, landscaping, walkways and porches. The home is temporary lifted, then supported. The walls and foundation are demolished, then rebuilt. After the foundation is built, the home is lowered back in place. The soil is replaced and the outside is restored. This process may be disruptive and time consuming, but it permanently restores basement walls and foundations.

Foundation Tear Outs & Replacements in Marion & Fort Wayne, Indiana

Foundation Tear Outs in Ft. WAyne and Marion, INBasement wall replacement may be enough to keep the foundation problems in your home at bay. However, if the issues are serious enough, it may be a better idea to invest in complete foundation tear out Marion, IN and replacement services. By completely removing and replacing the foundation in your home, you are providing a permanent solution that will prevent foundation problems from arising in the future. Because this is a process that is relatively complicated, it is best left to the professionals, such as the team at premier Foundation Solutions. Basement replacement can solve issues like damage from extreme frost heave, deep foundation cracks that lead to water entry in your home, and sunken foundations. If you are in need of foundation tear out Fort Wayne, IN services, contact us right away.

PFS has the tools, materials and expertise to permanently solve your foundation issues. We use products from Earth Contact Products (ECP) - the leading manufacturer in underpinning to restore, strengthen and stabilize your foundation. If you need a quote, we offer free foundation repair quotes for residents within our service area. We proudly serve Fort Wayne, Wabash, Kokomo, and the surrounding area. Contact us today!